summervibes with miyu

alweer een toppatroon! Heerlijk wanneer je niets aan moet passen en het voelt alsof de patronen speciaal voor je lichaam gemaakt worden :-)

Used pattern:


2 2018
#Miyu #FibreMood

32 - 50

Miyu is inspired by the “hakama pants” in MOMU’s historical study collection. We made a wide asymmetrical divided skirt with elegant pleats, a broad, belted waistband and snap closure. Lengthen or take in these pants to turn them into maxi pants or culottes. Either way you go, both models guarantee a great result.

Fabric advice

Use either a fabric with a fluid drape (such as crepe, fine-knits, viscose, etc.) for the Miyu Pants, or take the an alternative route and go for a stiffer fabric (such as jeans, cotton, etc.).

More style advice

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