Robe Josie

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4 2019
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32 - 58

The Josie dress is an offshoot or pattern hack of the Josie top. It’s been turned into a classic sixties style A-line dress: narrower at the top with a skirt that widens out a bit towards the hem. This model has remained a hit over the years because every body shape looks just as good in it. It’s the perfect dress for a summer day. 

Fabric advice

The fabric choice is largely what determines the look of your A-line dress. If you go for a stiff fabric, then the A-line effect will be more pronounced. If you go for a fabric with a fluid drape, then your dress will have a more billowy effect, and ‘cling’ just a bit more. Good fabric choices: cotton, linen, jacquard and woolen fabrics or interlock (jersey), etc. 

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