Fantastic frida

Back on track with this lined version of Frida! Love the cropped look and flat collar on this bomber jacket! 

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Used pattern:


7 2019
#FibreMoodFrida #FibreMood #Sewista


Here we give you a classic design, livened up with a modern twist ~ the Frida bomber jacket. Fun fact: bomber jackets were once worn exclusively by the military, whereas now it's impossible to imagine the street scene without them. Which makes sense; it's the perfect piece for styling in multiple ways. Make the Frida in a fun or chunky fabric, leopard print wool or even a faux fur. Either way, Frida will keep you warm and cosy this winter.

Fabric advice

Several different fabric types work well when it comes to making the Frida bomber jacket. From woven wool coating fabric to knit wool (jacquard) jersey. Even sweatshirt fabric, Ponte Roma, scuba and neoprene all make good alternatives. Satin, embroidered fabrics, faux leather and felt also work – each option lends the jacket a totally different look.


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