Een Penny voor de lente!

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1 2018
#FibreMoodPenny #FibreMood


Short, oversized jacket with wrist-length, wide sleeves. It can be adapted to the season. Use a warm fabric or lined, faux fur to make a winter version. Use a thinner fabric without a lining to create a summer version.

Recommended fabrics

The Penny Jacket can be made from various fabrics depending on the look you want. You can use a thicker tricot, like a Punta di Roma. Neoprene is also an option, which will make the jacket look more voluminous. Or faux fur, like in the example.

Fabrics with a supple drape: crêpe, viscose with (floral) print > creates more of a blousy, kimono effect.

Whatever the case, make sure that the fabric isn’t too stiff.

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