Dress Susan

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3 2019
#Susan #FibreMood


Stripes and a loose, ankle-length, long sleeve button-front shirt dress: it’s the ‘it’ outfit of the spring season. The side slits on the Susan dress make for a lovely, airy effect, and a belt accentuates the waist just that little bit extra. This floor length dress is a stylish item that can be worn in all kinds of prints to brighten up your daily outfit. 

Fabric advice

Use a woven fabric for the Susan dress. Opt for a light to medium-weight fabric with a fluid drape: viscose, for example. You could also use a light-weight cotton, although it will be slightly stiffer, and which will make the drape somewhat less fluid.

Straighter body types can go for stiff fabrics and fabrics with a fluid drape, while fabrics with a fluid drape are most flattering on curvier body shapes. 

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