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Did you recognise our #Izzy? She looks so good in a flowery print, and so does #petitsbonheurs1 !
Enjoy our happy #moodoftheweek!


Used pattern:


6 2019
#FibreMoodIzzy #FibreMood #Sewista

32 - 58

A sewing shortcut here and there is okay every once in a while! And definitely if we’re talking about the Izzy Dress! This dress looks like a bonafide wrap dress, but one 'wrap' is sewn securely into the side seam while the other closes with elegant fabric cover buttons. The waist is accentuated with a wide, loose belt that's easy to knot, long straight sleeves and the ‘wrap’ effect creates a V neck.
It's very Autumn friendly.

Fabric advice

Izzy works best in fabric with a slight drape and mid-weight. Knitted and woven fabrics both work well here. What’s essential is that the fabric can fall softly. We used a fairly heavy, soft leather-look fabric. 


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