Calvin for my husband

Calvin for my husband 

Too bad I couldn't get my husband to try it on yet,  because it looks really nice and comfy! 

I've added a little wink at tomorrow by placing a hearts biais, such a nice clean finish, don't you think?

To meet my husband's wishes, I've added a hood and a back yoke aswell.

Hope you like it! 

Used pattern:


3 2019
#Calvin #FibreMood


Calvin is everything you would expect from a cosy jumper. We used a basic jumper as our template, but added a few special details For example, additional seams sewn on the front give the jumper a fascinating graphic design feel. The bottom cuff sports a mix of ribbed trim and sweatshirt fabric. If colour blocking is your thing, just cut the different parts in different colours. 

Fabric advice

Make the Calvin jumper out of sweatshirt fabric, French Terry or neoprene. Cut the collar, wrist trim and cuffs from rib-knit trim. The cuff fabric is elastic, but also maintains its shape.

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