Colourful Road Trip

colourful road trip

At Fibre Mood, we want everyone to be able to sew their own clothes and inspire one another with their creations. That's why our motto is: Create, Share, Inspire. Our great big Sewista community is our top priority, and we want to make sure that everyone using our patterns and sharing with us feels welcome. And that’s why we want to show you how diverse our community is.

We wrote a statement about our diversity policy and have come up with a new initiative – The Colourful Road Trip. Every week, we’ll share a video that takes you on a journey through the world of one of our Sewistas. We hope you enjoy these colourful, cheerful diary entries.


At Fibre Mood, we want everyone to be able to sew their own clothes and inspire each other with their creations - that’s why our motto is to Create Share Inspire. Representation of our sewista community is important to us and our aim is for everyone who makes our patterns and works with us to feel welcome.

Our patterns

We set up professional photoshoots for our magazines and our models are paid. We are committed to using a diverse range of models from different ethnicities, ages, sizes and we will continue to do so. You can see the magazine covers and photoshoots here.

Our size range aims to be inclusive. All our patterns run from EU sizes 32 up to 56. Here is a link to see the body measurements that this covers.

Our community 

We have a big community of sewistas and we want to share as many of the inspiring makes as we can. We recognise that BIPOC, and in particular Black makers, are underrepresented in the community. We are trying to do better in this area. This means:

  • Increasing the diversity of makers in our social channels and the inspirational pictures that we repost.
  • Ensuring that we invite a diverse range of makers to join our link parties (which are to celebrate the launch of new magazine issues)
  • Feature a diverse range of makers to be featured on our website, for example, if we invite bloggers to guest post, do an interview, or be involved in our Colourful Road Trip of Fibre Mood initiative. 

Our team 

  • Fibre Mood is a small team made up of 2 founders, 7 core staff and 10 contractors. Within that, we have a mix of different demographics (including ethnicities, body shape, age, LBGTQ).

We are currently working on an introduction to our team so very soon you will be able to see better who we are.

  • Shipping for individual magazine and paper pattern orders is run by a Belgian organisation dedicated to supporting adults with a disability.
  • As we grow the business, we will make sure that our team continues to have a mix of people from all walks of life.

Do you have questions, comments or suggestions? We are very happy to hear your ideas, please contact us at