You haven’t seen the last of this trend yet – corduroy is back this season!

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Corduroy made its comeback on the catwalk a while ago now, and it seems that it's a keeper in the high streets too. Pull out that warm, thick corduroy, leave the 'granny’ of yesteryear behind and strut your stuff in your ultra-chic outfit – Dries Van Noten-style! Itching to get started sewing for your next corduroy project? Keep reading and once you’ve finished the article, get decked out like a true 1970s fashion icon.


Let’s take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, because corduroy is no new trend... In fact, there’s a good chance that you wore it all the time (whether you wanted to or not) as a child. So, what’s the secret behind corduroy's staying power? It yields a good fit, the material is soft and it's cosy and warm. And for a few years now, an item made from this fabric is once again a stylish piece that you can combine a million different ways to create your perfect autumn/winter outfit. It's time to trade your denim in for corduroy! 

Whether you call it corduroy, rib cord or rib velvet – it's a smashing hit with fashionistas all over the world but has also made it big among everyday people. From bomber jackets, to bum bags, to wide-leg trousers, caps and skirts: every item has fallen hook, line and sinker for this beloved trend. Fibre Mood's Etta bum bag, Drew or Legend  Jacket and Anna Skirt are no exception and just had to be made in this delicious fabric. To create the perfect on-trend winter look, go for toasty autumn colours or a pastel and pair with fluffy items like a chunky knit jumper or a heavy scarf. Not the type to do things by halves? For the true heroes among us, you can go for a corduroy trouser suit or combine trousers with a matching jacket in this oh-so-trendy material. Sold? There are a few corduroy items below to spark your imagination.

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