With this trend you will always be the sunshine in the house

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Yellow, a fashion colour? Yes, it is!  ‘Aspen Gold or Gen Z yellow’, according to Pantone, this is one of the trending colours for the spring and summer collections. We simply call it: sunny yellow. You may have disliked the colour during childhood but it is back in fashion, on and off the catwalk. We will convince you a little bit more of this colourful trend. 

Spotted: yellow, on and off the catwalk 

Edition 3 of our magazine jumps out thanks to the yellow cover. It is thus high time to stand out in the fashion world, so add some yellow to your wardrobe! This optimistic colour already made its way into the collections last year. It all started in 2016 with Beyoncé’s yellow dress in the video clip ‘Hold up’ and the rest is history. We took a look back in our archives and spotted quite a lot of yellow in the ready-to-wear collections. Various brands used the colour for long jackets, dresses, trousers and so-called ‘boiler’ suits. From Calvin Klein (still under Raf Simons) to Rodarte, Jacquemus or Kenzo, they’ve all jumped on the yellow bandwagon.   

There goes pastel pink. This time it’s the turn of bright and vibrant colours. Look at the emergence of green like we saw with the Violet dress. You may think that yellow is hard to combine, but that’s not the case! Anything and everything goes for the 2019 spring and summer collections. It is completely acceptable to rock that yellow from head to toe (read: including accessories and shoes). You can of course stand out with a specific item in yellow, as there are plenty around from high fashion brands to the large chains. 

How to combine it?

If you have a cool undertone then you need to be careful with very bright colours; light yellow will definitely be a match for you. If you have a warm undertone all shades of yellow suit you; and there is nothing stopping you from going for a bright yellow. You can easily combine yellow with other bright spring colours that stand out, even if this is for the bolder ones among us. If, alongside your striking yellow item of clothing, you would rather keep the rest a little more subdued, then opt for a mix of neutral colours such as white or dark blue.  

Variations of yellow are also having their heyday. Take ochre yellow, it is not only for autumn but is totally on trend for summer blouses with ruffles and for dresses. But if that’s not bright enough for your style, then maybe we will turn a blind eye to pastel yellow this once. With a pastel yellow monochrome suit you may not be totally going for it but the closer you get to that sunny yellow, the more you will stand out. 

All that yellow instantly cheers you up. There are plenty of yellow items in the shops for your new summer outfit. We will inspire you a little bit more...

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