Winter crush: leatherette

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You're sure to have seen it already on the catwalk, the streets, in the shops, or perhaps it’s already hanging in your own wardrobe by now – leather is back! And we’re going all in for leatherette. That means we’re not just glamming up with (faux) leather accessories, our clothes are going edgy too, with an outfit clad from head to toe in leather. Fibre Mood has got a trendy, edgy outfit in store – just for you.

Leatherette has been steadily turning heads for a few years now. Just recall the countless leather jackets and accessories that have taken the streets by storm over the past decades. However, it's only now that it's truly making its big comeback with head-to-toe leather outfits such as jumpsuits, trousers, long winter coats, andeven dresses and blouses! The front runners breathing new life into leather right from the start included fashion houses such as Dior, Max Mara, and Bottega Veneta, with several striking combinations of long leather jackets and ankle-length skirts. They were bold and extravagant but incredibly stylish. The fashion world was head-over-heels, and the rest is history.

Leather to die for

This trend is all about funky combinations of different types and textures of fabric. Leather bucket hats? Absolutely! Why not make that leather in crocodile print? Anything goes. Naturally, we’d never leave our Sewistas out in the cold. Fibre Mood already has tons of on-trend patterns on-hand, such as the Izzy dress from Fibre Mood Issue No.6, the Isra blouse from Fibre Mood No. 11, and the Miles biker jacket and Bea culottes from Fibre Mood No. 12.

Does a full leather outfit sound like too much of a good thing? Why not pair a leatherette blouse or dress with basic items instead? Meanwhile, get inspired for your next leather look with the examples below!


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