Washed up on fashion land: fishnet bags

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It’s no secret that the fishnet bag is a trending item. The contents of your bag, containing your whole kit and caboodle, give away all their secrets. The terms fashion conscious and ecologically responsible join forces with this trend. Fibre Mood wants to make their contribution to a Plastic  Free May by making this hip trend doable. Read: bye, bye plastic, hello reusable and stylish bags. 

The spell of plastic

Polluting plastic bags are out of the question nowadays. It was high time for the world of fashion to launch an alternative. And then one straight from the supermarket to the catwalk. Today, the presence of fashion-conscious fishnet bags is a fact by designers such as Alexander Wang, Armani and Altuzarra. On Instagram, too, we have spotted the simple fishnet bag as a fully-fledged handbag used by numerous style icons.


Our grandma’s summer bag has been catching increasingly more people in its nets.  A home for your packed lunch, running a few errands down at the (super)market, or just for fun on the beach. Ready to get going with this trend and expose the contents of your bag? You can knot, knit or crochet this Fibre Mood bag in your favourite colour in no time at all. Affordable, hip and ecological!

Slipped through the net: an ancient trend

Despite the launch of this trend, fishnet bags are nothing new. The origins of the bag can be found in former Czechoslovakia and Russia. The reusable shopping bags were popular 100 years ago due to their low price and weight. The bag was also a common sight in East and West Germany from the 1960s. There it was literally called ‘Omas Einkaufsnetz’ (Grandma’s shopping net) and had a leather handle. The popularity of disposable plastic bags caught up with the fishnet bags around the 1980s. The result: fishnet bags largely disappeared from the street scene until today. 

Very simple or decorated with pearls, shells or tassels: you can spot the new fishnet bags in lots of shops. It is clear that reusable (and yet fashionable) bags are a must this summer. Alongside the knotted fishnet bags, wicker bags and clutches are a good and beautiful alternative to all that plastic. Knot, crochet or knit your own fishnet bag or gain inspiration for even more summer looks.


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