Turn your wardrobe upside down this season and go all the way brown!

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This season’s blast from the past is brown. Dull and unimaginative? Not in the slightest! This colour's rich palette of shades and hues has plenty of promise in store for your trendy 2020 wardrobe. Cognac, beige, or maybe a note of burgundy? The fashion world is making a complete about-face with the colour brown. From now on, when you hear the word ‘brown’, the words timeless, stylish, and a hint of vintage, should spring to mind. Let’s take a trip down memory lane with one of the most iconic trend colours, back to conquer fashionista hearts once again.

The fashion world may have given the colour brown the cold shoulder in recent years but 2020 is going to change all that. Brown's entrance on the catwalk and the street scene should come as no surprise given the rise (or return, rather) of the seventies look – from Chloé leatherware and Loewe's retro throwbacks to Bottega Veneta cognac-coloured handbags. It’s clear that neutral earth tones have put down deep roots this season, and before you know it they'll be taking over your next look. And it’s not just the retail sector that’s been won over, the same colour palette is popping up in home décor and interior design trends as well.

Brown is the new black

Is black your go-to base colour for creating an outfit? If so, this trend is definitely for you. Now that brown has also thrown down the gauntlet to become this season’s base colour, the options are endless. With a new base colour in town, there's no need to go all black, all the time with your outfit. Even better, with dozens of shades available, you can still create an elegant, minimalist look. Is tossing in a dash of colour still an option? Absolutely! That’s because brown also has a soft spot for those of us who are creative spirits; it’s easy to pair with eye-catching and vivid colours such as pink and green.


Clara (FM 11,2020), Isra (FM 11, 2020), Abby (FM 11, 2020), Giulia (FM11, 2020), Franca (FM 10, 2020) Martha (FM 8, 2020), Alexa (FM 7, 2019)

Not one to be left behind, Fibre Mood has also jumped on this trendwagon. Open the new magazine and you’ll see that brown has taken Issue No. 11 by storm. How about a trendy raincoat like Abby in this great base colour or a minimalistic top like Clara where the sky's the limit when it comes to the many shades of brown.


In short, brown has still got loads to offer after years of playing second fiddle. Meanwhile, why not check out some inspiration below for your next sewing project in this throwback trend colour?

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