The sequel to the bohemian trend: elegant fringe trim

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Thanks to the variety of patterns in Issues 3 and 4, it didn’t take long for sewing country to discover that the bohemian trend is all the rage. However, anyone who wants to fully immerse themselves in this nonchalant look can add the fringe trend to the mix.

The fringe trend has already been a part of the fashion scene for some time now; however, there don’t seem to be any signs of that letting up, because they'll be the belle of the ball (or possibly the dramatic diva) on the catwalk and fashion scene this summer too. And no, a garment with fringe trim doesn’t immediately equal a cowgirl look imported straight from the set of a John Wayne spaghetti western. Among others, Tom Ford, Oscar de la Renta, Longchamp and Coach have proven the opposite with their summer collections this year. Just imagine elegant evening dresses bathed in fringes. 

It’s all in the details

Fringes don’t necessarily always have to be in leather. With the rise of the net bag (spotted in Issue No. 4), fringe trim has also followed suit with its own knotted transformation in fabric and cord. For 2019, fringes will mainly be showing up at the bottom of dresses, the hemline or on sleeves. That's endless hours of elegant swishing fun guaranteed. You can already get started by making our easy-peasy DIY jacket with fringe trim for a dreamy, Japanese effect. You could also try this trend out on the Helena and Lina tops to create a daily city trip or beach look. You decide the fringe length – shorter for a more minimalist look or for the more daring among us, a flamboyant touch to your outfit. Still not entirely convinced? Fringes are also a big hit on beach and leather bags. It’s the perfect way to add fringes to your outfit for the very first time. 

Want to find out more? Meanwhile, while you're waiting to start your next sewing project, we’ve provided you with an inspirational dose of fringes below.

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