Swinging sixties meets 2019

The fashion revolution of the 1960s and 70s is back

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A mix of calf-length and miniskirts, flared trousers, retro sunglasses and print blouses on the fashion racks? You've got it! The 60s and 70s are ‘back’. A number of influences from both decades are making their way onto the street scene. These items are ready and waiting to be displayed in your wardrobe and are trendy enough that even the students of May 1968 would be jealous. Just read along to see what this trend has in store for you. 

Do you adore drifting away into the past whilst reading vintage fashion magazines, or do you get goose bumps entering search terms like 1960s and 70s fashion style inspo on Pinterest? (Fashion) dreams always come true because there are always a few garments hidden in the back of your wardrobe that aren’t passé anymore. Are you still a bit too young to have a clothing collection dating back fifty years? Relax! You’ve got this! Authentic vintage is hipper than ever, and there are plenty of new sixties and seventies-inspired clothing items in the racks to win the hearts of younger generations. A-line dresses, flared trousers, boho blouses, ruffled swimsuits, coordinated tweed outfits, silk scarves, bakerboy caps or knee-high boots: those are just a few of the dozens of hip it-items from the 1960s and 1970s. 

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These creative influences are carrying into the sewing world, where you can easily sew something for yourself that’s a stylish hat tip to the past. You could go for an A-line dress that’s a delight to sew and was thefavourite of icon fashion model Twiggy. Imagine yourself back in the sixties and wearing a Josie dress. Or maybe create a ‘swinging sixties meets 2019’: make a short A-line top and pair it with high-waisted wide-leg trousers or a mini skirt. 

Golden sixties: the revolution

The 1960s aren’t just famous for the student revolt of 1968. That was also the heyday of the Beatles, the time of Twiggy and Jackie Kennedy as prominent influencers and Woodstock as the event of the year, when the first person set foot on the moon, television became a daily fixture in living rooms across the globe, and Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian dress making its début. So at the very least, you could call it an eventful year for the human race. It was an exciting era for the fashion world too. The centre of this fashion revolution was itty bitty Carnaby Street, London’s hidden hotspot. All of a sudden skirts were dozens of centimetres shorter thanks to fashion savant Mary Quant. For her revolutionary work, she was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire and Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Not too long after, she also launched her famous hot pants. By the seventies, women wearing tailor-made suits or miniskirts had stopped being shocking. 

During those years the feminist fashion wave continued to march on. Clothing became somewhat less formal and everyone was decked out in brown, orange and purple outfits (that went for interior design as well). For most people the wild, boho (coachella) look was all the rage and included all kinds of floral prints and flowy dresses. So a combination of Twiggy and boho with a contemporary twist is without a doubt music to our ears. Have these comeback items won you over? We give you an extra dose of inspiration with our Josie Dress and a selection of shopping items for anyone interested in stepping out with this trend. 

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