Say adios to tight clothes because this autumn, oversized shirts are still all the rage

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We’re not done with oversized yet! Who doesn’t love the combo of comfy and practical? Your wardrobe isn’t quite ready to let go of that laid-back baggy look for now. And the only thing you need for this look? An oversized shirt like the Franca!

While Jacquemus is busy working on micro bags that can barely fit a tube of lipstick (and that we're crazy about anyway...), there’s a different set of rules for shirts in the fashion world – to the max! The longer, looser, and baggier, the better. Nothing shocks us anymore. It does require at least an extra metre of fabric for every sewing project though.

Oversized takes some adjusting to... ;-) To be sure, oversized clothes don't always work for everyone either. If you're used to wearing tight, or fitted clothes, then an oversized shirt can feel like wearing a tent in the beginning. Fibre Mood is here to the rescue with style advice! Still, as long as it feels good and you can confidently rock an oversized suit, shirt dress or pair of trousers – anything goes! Pair baggy trousers with the shirt tucked in or wear a mini skirt with an oversized blazer for an à la Olsen Twins trendsetting oversized look. Or simply wear it as a dress if you want to avoid the ‘drowning look’.

This trend is super simple and minimalistic while also being insanely trendy. Love a splash of colour? Naturally, you can make the Franca is a vibrant colour or a colourful print. Whatever you do, you’re sure to be street-style ready in the Franca dress. Can’t wait to get your hands on even more oversized ideas for your next look? Check out the inspirational items here! 

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