Layers on top: romantic ruffles

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Romantic ruffles: delightful when they flutter in the wind, a filler for your clothes rack and a sweet touch to your outfit. The power of flounces is not to be underestimated – they add an extra dollop of fun to your daily outfit.  Sew them on yourself with a DIY or make a ruffled summer top – there’s something for every seamstress.

Bohemian trend your heart out!

All set for a fun and fashionable summer? Then whimsical ruffles are just what you're looking for. The perfect details on Gucci blouses and Chloe dresses – they're impossible to miss. Even swimwear has dipped its toe into this trend – just check out the ruffles on the bikinis and swimsuits! A tiny addition of flounces to the shoulders (think off-shoulder trend...) or a skirt can transform your outfit into something more elegant and romantic in the blink of an eye. The more layers, the better for your summery, festival look. 

Not quite ready to deck yourself head-to-toe in ruffles and flounces? Just a small, simple addition of ruffles can do wonders when paired with a minimalist look. Check out this easy-peasy DIY to add a few ruffles to your T-shirt: not too many, but definitely not too few. 

Anyone hoping to go all the way with this trend doesn’t have far too look. Just look at the airy dresses or skirts with dozens of layers on the racks or the playful DIY top with a wide flounce.  Add a gentle breeze and ruffles become the queens of the fashion world. 

Sneak a peek at these items full of romantic ruffles for more sewing inspiration.

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