Lavender is the new Nude

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Set those shades of powder pink aside this winter because lavender is taking off at the speed of light on the street scene. From knitted sweaters and downy coats to a classic suit in lavender: welcome to 2018's brand new color trend.

Lila trui

For a few years now already you've heard about it or seen it popping up from time to time in magazines, online and in the stores: pastel colors are in! Whether it's a little chilly in spring or the winter is mild, you can delight yourself with clothes in mint green, powder pink, baby blue, lavender and pale yellow.  (This trend is even making headway when it comes to “old school” markers.) However, with the start of this season, lavender is the new queen, and she's knocking all the other pastels off their thrones. Pantone too has announced a dark shade of lavender as the color of the year.

Why? It’s a soft, neutral color that’s easy to combine with jeans for an everyday look. Anyone who likes a little more pizazz to their look can style it with all kinds of striking colors, like yellow, emerald green, a shade of darker purple for a shading effect, or even silver for just a touch of holiday spirit.

It’s especially fashion brands like Erdem and Valentino, immersed in the world of fantasy and romance, that were already showing off their love affair with lavender last year. The new lavender is at its best in a classic satin suit or as a (self)knitted cozy sweater. Fibre Mood couldn’t resist the color either, which is where the Lila sweater got its name. Its bishop sleeves and a wide neckline, help you rock the color like no other. We’ve already gotten our start feeding you imagine with a few of our lavender items.

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