How to make it rain-proof through the autumn

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Remember jelly shoes and see-through raincoats? Or how about the recent reusable plastic bags now sold as equals to their leather counterparts? They’re all signs of the up and coming new autumn trend. That is to say, items made from the kind of plastic you often see on raincoats, just not always as raincoats... Still make sense? Meanwhile, why not find out more about this fascinating trend below!

Life is plastic

The specific fabric that you see used in raincoats is better known as Gore-Tex, water repellent and invented as early as 1969. That means that trendy raincoats are definitely a must for every fashionista who wants to stay stylish during a downpour. So, know what? Rain can be a good thing too. Definitely if your whole outfit goes with it. How? Just recently a pretty quirky trend made its début on the streets. Skirts, hoods, bum bags and more – all available in a certain special raincoat material. Don’t tell us that fashion can’t be practical! And that means nobody will think it strange when the next skirt you wear is a waterproof one.


The indispensable raincoat

There's nothing that outmatches the always indispensable, classic raincoat, that conceals or reveals your outfit when you need it. That's because the see-through raincoat (clear or in colour) is still going strong on the fashion scene. So, what's the perfect design for this type of fabric? Either go for a long trench coat look in plastic or a hip jacket with a cap. Even kidswear has surrendered to the trend, and Fibre Mood is launching a mini version of the trend with its River Raincoat. 

Ready to face the rain in style? Check out more rain-proof item inspiration here. 

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