How to combine the puffer and padded trend

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With the coldest winter months just around bend, you'll see them popping up everywhere: the puffer jacket. It's a returning trend that maybe never really left altogether in the first place. Because to fashionably survive the freezing temperatures in the months ahead, there’s no reason at all for you to just shiver on through. Whether it involves short, minimalistic designs, or goes the other way entirely with a bold statement item that shouts ‘Check me out!’: everyone is wild for it!

Puffed Celine Tas

A brief lesson in history

How the puffer jacket came about is kind of a crazy story. Eddie Bauer, who would later go on to design the first down jacket, nearly died of hypothermia during a boat trip. His solution? A stitched coat, padded with down. Since then, the padded jacket has gone through a host of metamorphoses, and even in the clothing shops today, the jackets are available in different types, shapes and colours.  But how do you pair this trend now, in 2019, to really dazzle on the streets?

Puffed jassen

Short puffer jackets

Of a mind to sport a short, black design? We'll happily give you the go ahead, no holds barred. This jacket can be paired with anything and everything. For instance, go for an all-black look with a pencil skirt (home-sewn of course) and ankle boots. There’s nothing dull at all about minimalism! Is a sporty look more your thing? Then combine this jacket with skinny jeans and a basic coloured jumper as an eyecatcher.

Is there already a short puffer jacket in a bright colour in your wardrobe, but you're not quite sure what to pair it with?  One thing's for certain, the jacket should remain the most striking clothing item of the outfit. You’ll look chic, but with a look that’s clean and simple too. Take the chic look up a notch by opting to wear black for the rest of your outfit. Skinny jeans, black jumper, orange puffer jacket and you're good to go!

Are softer colours more your style? Soft pastels add colour to your outfit, but make sure that you don’t stand out too much. By the way, these colours look lovely with blue jeans. Whether it’s jeans or a skirt, the choice is yours.

Longline puffer jackets

To best show off your figure, the longline model should ideally just reach calf-length. Either way, these jackets, whatever colour or print they are, deserve to be the star of your look. So go for a plain outfit, or pair with a shorter dress. Would you rather try something a little more daring? Go for a pair of leather look trousers or a skirt to complete your outfit.

Choose a sustainable option

Eddie Bauer’s down coat was patented in 1940, and ever since loads of jackets and coats have continued to be padded with down. At the same time, the number of coats that list recycled polyester, plastic and nylon on their labels continues to go up. A great example is Everlane and Madewell, two American clothing brands. They sell a selection of padded jackets made entirely of recycled materials. That means six plastic bottles are used for each jacket. Sustainable, fashionable and warm and toasty!

DIY: Puffed Celine Bag

Already itching to get started making your first puffer item? At Fibre Mood we'd like to keep it simple: this lovely Celine Bag is a fab place to start building your puffa image. You can find the DIY instructions here. Have fun and don’t forget to share your creation with us when you’re done!

Download the pattern

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