From underwear to outerwear: the slip dress

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Just say: spaghetti...straps! Why? Because slip dresses are totally back! It’s been a while since we saw them as just a little cover-up, because this nineties item is totally on trend again. You can style this must-have dress for all kinds of occasions, from special, one-off events to a summery look. 

With their minimalist design, it's no wonder that the fashion world is swooning all over the place in adoration of the slip dress. You can’t think about this dress without one or two 90s flashbacks from back when supermodels sauntered around nonchalantly in their slip dresses. Or remember Princess Diana and the Dior slip dress she wore, designed by the then designer, John Galliano. It all looked so incredibly classy andcomfortable. Since the invention of the cool slip dress, this trend has been spotted on shop racks multiple times – including in 2019! And really, we all know it’s true – every fashion trend always makes a comeback. After all, the ‘new’ 90s slip dress was a garment that had already enjoyed a heyday decades before. 


How women of the past once wore the slip dress

Did you know that the slip dress pre-dates the age of tight corsets? Women in the Middle Ages were already wearing slips as comfortable cover-up beneath their dresses. But it was in the Roaring Twenties that the slip acquired the straight cut we know so well today. After WWII, short slip dresses were also an it-item, although at the time they were intended as lingerie, decked out in lace details. The real breakthrough for the slip dress, however, came in the 90s.

Pairing options

Whether the version is short or long with a slit, or a simple cut in supple fabric, what’s most important is that it's also an absolute must for those of us who love to sew. What’s more, this garment is easy to style. How about sporting a pair of trainers with it and throwing on a long trench coat? And when winter time rolls around, the slip dress won’t be disappearing stage right. Just wear it with a polo neck or a T-shirt underneath – it doesn’t get more 90s than that! Feel like making your own long slip dress? Fibre Mood's Summer dress says, ‘Yes you can!’ 

The debut of the slip skirt, however, is a unique 2019 trend. This season is a first for spotting this version of the slip dress regularly on the streets. It’s perfect for anyone looking to create a waistline, or those who aren’t so fond of straight cuts. Ready for a slip dress or skirt? Shop for the best examples below or get inspired by this trend.

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