Back to school with these trendy sewing patterns

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Have back-to-school jitters hit yet? Because before you know it the first day of school will be eyeing you from around the corner again. For some, it will be their very first day, but for some, it could be the start of their last year. Haven’t got an outfit picked out yet for that special day? Don’t panic! Fibre Mood will give you that last-minute inspiration you need – quick as a flash – so that your mini-me dazzles in their home-sewn outfit.

Ada trousers (FM 8, 2020)

Girls’ trousers that are chic and playful? They exist! Or well, they will really soon, if you get started making this awesome, trendy paperbag pattern now. The Ada has a high waist, with elastic at the back and a pleated waist. Ada is a keeper and, even better, is the bee's knees for that first school picture!

Mary top (FM 10, 2020)

Viva la bella principessa e viva la Sewista! Mary looks pretty as a picture for that first day of school with its square neckline, fluttery sleeves, and gathers and ruffles. Wanna bet that you’ll want to make more of Mary for the rest of the school year? Make one in a plain fabric with funky buttons for a little pizazz, one in stripes, and maybe just one more to get it out of your system, this time with textured fabric.

Indigo jumpsuit (FM 7, 2020)

Before the first bell rings, you'll be off to a great start with the Indigo jumpsuit, in your full Fibre Mood look. Stylish to a T, warm, and perfect for romping on the school playground. Make the Indigo jumpsuit in a check fabric for a great, trendy look. We know exactly who this class's trendsetter will be!

Dale jumper (FM 8, 2020)

This jumper has got character in spades. Dale’s raglan sleeves provide plenty of wiggle room for that first day of school and make for a sporty look. Want to bet that after the first day is over, this basic will also turn out to be one of your little hero's favourites?

Harvey trousers (FM 9, 2020)

The name says it all: Harvey is tough. And seriously, a pair of denim trousers for girls and boys up to 14 is a must for any kid who wants to hit the playground with flair on their first day of school. Make Harvey in a vibrant colour or a fun print and steal the show!

Billa dress (FM 9, 2020)

Billa is present! She's at the very front of the row with lavish ruffles and sleeves with puffed bottoms created by the elastic in the sleeve trim. Spend your first day of school all decked out and super trendy.

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