Respect for the Sewista!

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The newest trending word - for us at least - is ‘sewista’. But what does that actually mean? Well, the sewista is an enthusiastic sewist who loves fabulous fabrics and is fashion-forward. Passionate about sewing, the sewista turns every piece of fabric into a gorgeous garment. She likes to inspire others by sharing all kinds of sewing tips & tricks with the world and she is profoundly proud of her homemade clothes. The sewista is all about creating, sharing, and inspiring!


It’s true; we have control over our own style from now on an­­­d Fibre Mood will teach you to master the art of making your own clothing in an original way. Think of us as your personal assistant, every step of the way! For example, we’ll help you to choose the right fabric and to personalise a pattern so that you can create a unique garment that fits you perfectly, in terms of both size and style. We passionately believe that anyone can make their own fabulous private collection. You included!


Sharing is caring. Fibre Mood’s active community is made up of people who share your passion for sewing. You will find yourself in a group where you can unleash all your questions, check out other people’s creations and have interesting discussions about patterns. You can find a calendar with workshops near you, as well as an interactive Fibre Mood shop and fabric shop locator map. In short, it’s an interactive community where everybody supports each other.


We could write volumes on how much we want to inspire you but because a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ve made a mood book instead; it’s full of inspirational images and interesting sewing and knitting patterns. Head over to to find all our tips & tricks, clear instructions, assistance in fabric choices and styling advice.

We have one clear goal in mind; to turn everyone into a sewista! Because when you make clothes for yourself, not only do you get well-deserved admiration, but you inspire a respect for the art of this profession. Plus, there’s nothing better than that sense of pride when you get complimented for clothing that you made yourself from scratch.

Together, we will contribute to a beautiful, respectful, and sustainable world.

We hope you have a lot of fun!

Teresa and Isabelle

Isabelle & Teresa


Inspiring young women and men, based on a sustainable, committed view of Western civilisation, to be creative and make trendy garments for themselves and others around them. 


Authenticity, integrity, openness, respect, sustainability, connectedness, creativity, self-development, commitment, originality, and enthusiasm.

Mission Statement 

Make it Yours! Create, Share, Inspire

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