3 manly reasons to sew

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‘Sewing is sexy.’

It’s true. There might be some bias about men who sew. The stereotype that sewing is a feminine hobby is impossible to deny. Still, nothing beats wearing your own creations and proudly letting everyone know that you made them yourself. And admit it – nothing is sexier than a man who can handle anything. Also, honestly – have you ever taken a close look at a sewing machine? The complexity of the parts that make it work is just plain cool.

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‘Sewing is a matter of pride.’

Are you into DIY and are you not put off by a little high precision work? Great! That means sewing will be right up your alley. The comparison with woodworking is a good one. You start with a plank (i.e., a plain piece of fabric) and transform it into something with a specific shape. Working step by step to make an aesthetic, useful product by hand is incredibly rewarding. Really, can you one-up a compliment like having someone ask you where you bought that great shirt?

‘Sewing isn’t hard and it's fun!’

Clothes make the man, but the opposite is true too. Men can make their own clothes! Men's wear isn’t any harder to make than women's clothing. What counts is the right mentality, great material, and the rest will take care of itself. With a lot of practice and plenty of interest, you’ll have the tricks of the trade down before you know it.

Are you all ready to go but aren’t convinced whether the pattern will look good on you? No worries. It happens to the best of us. Check out the Fibre Mood website or social media for examples of other men wearing the outfit. Let their creativity inspire you.

Could you do with some coaching? Join the Harold Dress Shirt Social Sew Along. Pick the language that works best for you and get stitching!

Good luck!

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