Pattern hack alert: meet Pauline from Paul and Paulette and her #Norma dress

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Creating unique pieces to share on your blog or Instagram account to inspire others – the sew & social media combo is all the rage. And since the number of sewist-bloggers around the world is on the rise, Fiber Mood regularly presents a Sewista who has taken a Fibre Mood pattern and come up with a unique pattern hack. Enter Pauline from Paul and Paulette and her #Normapattern hack. Find out more about her beautiful creation here!

Paul et Paulette

FM: Who are you and how long have you been sewing?

I am Pauline, I am 34 years old and I live in Western France. I am married and I am expecting my 3rd child. My IG account is @paul_et_paulette. I've been sewing since I was little, making my Barbies' clothes, but I actually started sewing adult clothes 5 years ago. I like sewing technical pieces and have the cleanest possible finishes. I like dresses, coats and blouses.

A guide to my Norma pattern hack

First of all, you need 3m of fabric, and the skirt part will be 78cm high (for my height of 1.75 m). We will create a skirt with two gathered panels with 2⁄3 and 1⁄3 proportions. The top panels of the skirt measure 54x84cm and the bottom panels are 28x140cm. (Seam allowances included). You just have to gather them and sew them together and then to gather the top of the skirt and to assemble it to the Norma bust.

I lowered the waist by 5cm and widened the waist (photo). It is also necessary to shorten the facing by 5cm. I also created a channel to adjust the belt and have a loose or fitted dress by tightening or loosening the belt (3x140cm cord). This step can be replaced by placing an elastic.

FM: How did you come up with this idea?

I like bohemian dresses, with a lot of fabric and this style paired great with Norma's sleeves.

FM: Do you do a lot of pattern hacks?

Almost every time yes, I have also hacked Ida and I am currently hacking Glory.

FM: What do you like most in the pattern hacking process?

I use patterns as a basis to develop my imagination. So, I end up with a totally unique piece and it allows me to change the style easily by simply modifying the basic pattern.

FM: Have you got any more sewing projects planned?

A Hunter coat, a dress from the Paris top, a Filipa shirt...


Interested in making your own Norma? Buy the pattern here!



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