Pattern hack alert! Meet Karine from @karinebhr and her #Norma dress.

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Creating unique pieces to share on your blog or Instagram account to inspire others – the sew & social media combo is all the rage. And since the number of seamstress-bloggers around the world is on the rise, Fibre Mood regularly presents a Sewista who has taken a Fibre Mood pattern and come up with a unique pattern hack. This month, we present Karine from @karinebhr and her hacked #Norma pattern. Discover her beautiful creation here!

Karine Bochner

Hi, my Instagram is @karinebhr, I live in the Paris region and I have been sewing my own clothes since 2017. In fact, I have always had a sewing machine at home. 

When I saw Norma, I fell in love, as I'm sure many of you did. Its beautiful puffed sleeves and pretty neckline. It was impossible not to transform it by hacking it. It offers so many possibilities. 


A guide to my Norma pattern hack

  1. To make my dress, I just added 2 cm to the bust on each side to make it even more comfortable.
  2. Then, a 90-cm-wide by 75-cm-long panel for the back. Two panels, 55 cm wide by 75 cm high, for the front.
  3. When you make the gathers, remember to leave 3 cm on each side at the front to add the facing of the bodice, which extends to the hem of the dress, for the button placket. 
  4. For the bottom ruffle, 160 cm wide at the back and 2 x 80 cm wide for the front and 15 cm high. 

I love hacking patterns, it has become one of my specialities. Why bother sewing if it isn't possible to adapt a pattern to our own preferences!

Norma is a gem that I will definitely use again. Even for winter, a Norma sweatshirt with a round neckline and extended sleeves. With a little urban chic twist – I love it!

I hope to see a lot of the Norma dress. See you soon, maybe on my insta!

Interested in making your own Norma? Buy the pattern here!


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