Fibre Mood introduces...graceful, swaying fringes!

DIY: kimono

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Not sure how to get started on making a romantic Japanese kimono with just a touch of Western? It's easy peasy with this Fibre Mood kimono! You can transform a piece of fabric into your very own fringe kimono in a jiffy. Since Western is the fashion world's new fling, you'll be right on track, get an easy peasy kimono in the bargain!

This garment is fantastic when paired with a pair of jeans for a casual outfit, but is also just as nice for festive occasions. Oops! We forgot to mention... This time around you don’t have to worry about size, because this one is one size – perfect for everyone, young or old!

Just dive in!



* Fringe/ribbon with tassels: 4.70 m 

* Fabric: 150 cm 

* Thread

Let's get started!

  • Cut out 1 rectangle (A), 70 cm long x 80 cm wide (= the back) and 2 rectangles (B) 70 cm long x 34 cm wide (= the front pieces).
  • Lay both B rectangles in front of you with the right sides facing up and sew the 2 ‘long sides’ (lined up next to each other, i.e. the ‘middle’ sides) 2 x 0.5 cm.
  • Finish each of the sides using an overlock stitch.
  • Pin and sew the tops of these 2 B rectangles (= the shoulder seams) to the top of rectangle A at 1 cm. The sides should be even. Leave a neck opening of 16 cm in the middle.
  • Finish the seams using an overlock stitch.
  • Fold the seam allowance and the neck opening seam allowance to the back and sew the seam allowance down nicely at presser foot width. Do this for the entire width so that the neckline has also been finished properly.
  • Fold the pieces open so that everything has the right side facing up. Sew the fringe to the sides. The fringe should be facing in the direction of the CF. Sew the fringe in place.
  • Fold the front and back pieces together with the right sides facing and sew the side seams at 1 cm. Sew up to 40 cm.
  • Press the seam open and press the seam allowance towards the work piece.
  • Finish the hem using an overlock stitch. Sew the remaining fringe to the hem. Press the seam allowance to the top.

Hey presto! You’ve got a kimono to wear this spring!

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