Sewista Playlist vol. 1

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Sewista Playlist by Fibre Mood

The music sounds better with you!

We know what your hands are at when you’re sewing, obviously. But what we don’t know is... Do you work in silence? Is there a podcast going in the background? Or do you do what our designers do, and listen to a little music while you work?

Great news! Fibre Mood launches the Sewista Playlist Vol. 1.
A playlist for and by you – send us your top 3 sewing tunes here and who knows, maybe you'll hear them on the ultimate sewing soundtrack.
A teaser – take a listen to the top 3 sewing tunes of the Fibre Mood studio:

1. Bad Guy - Billie Eilish 

2. Shut your Eyes – Snow Patrol

3. Mad about you - Hooverphonic

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