Arlette Skirt without ruffles with biais

For this version of the Arlette, the pattern pieces for the front and back are used to draft the bias tape. The waistband (with or without drawstring) pattern pieces remain unaltered; the pattern pieces for the flounce are not used.


Follow the steps with/on the illustrations to draft the bias tape.


Follow the steps with the illustrations for the finish using bias tape. For finishing the waistband, you can visit the Instructions of the Arlette Skirt or see p. 57 on the checklist.

Arlette biais

1. Draw the bias ribbon

Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of the curved line of the front.

Arlette biais 1

Measure the trim along the hem. Add both measurements.

Arlette Biais 2

Draw a rectangle 3 cm high and x cm long (x = sum of the red and green stars) on pattern paper.

Fold a corner of the fabric that you plan on cutting the bias tape out of over to form a triangle and place the pattern piece for the bias tape on the fabric fold. Cut the rectangle out of the fabric.

Arlette biais 3

Cut a small notch out of the bias tape (where the pattern is on the fabric fold) to indicate the centre of the bias tape.

Arlette biais 4

2. Finish the bias ribbon

Pin the dart/dart intake of the fronts and sew off towards the basting thread. Press the dart/dart intake (along the wrong side) towards the CF.

Repeat for the dart/dart intake of the back, but press the dart/dart intake towards the CB.

Arlette biais 5

Overlock the side seams of the front and back.

Arlette biais 6

Sew in place. Press the side seams open.

Arlette biais 7

Pin the V notch of the bias tape to the V notch of the back, and from that point on pin the tape in place along the curved line. Pull the tape (not too taut!) while you are pinning the skirt. Sew in place and snip off the excess.

Arlette biais 8

Fold the bias tape to the side with the seam allowance. At 2 mm from the seam, sew through all the layers (bias tape + seam allowance) of the bias tape.

Arlette biais 9

Fold the bias tape all the way over to the wrong side and sew in place.

Finish the waistband of the skirt based on the detailed sewing instructions on the Instructions of the Arlette Skirt.

Arlette biais 10