Arlette Skirt with ruffles and tucked out

For the flared version of the Arlette, the front, back and front and back flounces require altering.The pattern pieces for the waistband remain unaltered.


Follow the steps with/on the illustrations to alter the pattern.


Draw the specified seam allowances around the the new pattern pieces and cut these out.


To sew the skirt, follow the sewing instructions on the Instructions of the Arlette Skirt or see p. 57 on the checklist.

Arlette uitgeschuind 5

Position the dart legs together: pivot the dart closed.

Arlette uitgeschuind 1

Draw a vertical line starting from under each dart/dart intake point all the way down to the hem of the front and back.

Arlette uitgeschuind 2

Slash the back pattern by starting at the bottom of the vertical line and working your way up to the dart/dart intake point. Next, starting at the top, slash from 1 dart leg until just before the dart point. (Don’t slash all the way through the pattern piece; it should remain attached at the dart/dart intake point.)

Arlette uitgeschuind 3

Measure the new allowance created at the hem (red star).

Arlette uitgeschuind 4

Now cut the front along the vertical line, starting at the bottom and slashing through the dart point to 1 dart leg. Slash all the way through the pattern. You should now have two separate pattern halves.

Arlette uitgeschuind 5

Position the dart legs at the waistline together and be sure that the allowance at the hem is identical to that of the red star at the back hem. (Don’t forget: the pattern is spread out slightly at the dart/dart intake point, which is not the case for the back.)

Arlette uitgeschuind 6

Always take half the allowance of the red star and add this to the side seams of the front and back. Draw the new side seams and hemline.

Arlette uitgeschuind 7

Cut the front and back flounces out at the places indicated in the next to last section and spread the pattern piece out as many cm as indicated by the red star. Stick a piece of pattern paper underneath the flounce. On the side seams of both flounce pieces, draw parallel lines equal to how many centimetres you added for the skirt's side seams. If you’d like a broader circumference at the hem, spread the pattern pieces at the hem further away from each other than at the top of the flounce. Seamlessly connect the top line and hemline.

Arlette uitschuinen 8