Style advice for the Franca Dress

The Franca dress for neat and full hourglasses

Neat and full hourglasses have naturally well-balanced bodies. The shoulders and hips are more or less the same widths and there is a clear waistline. For that reason, opt for clothes that follow your body's natural curves, preserve the harmony of your proportions, and always highlight your waist.

The cut of the Franca dress doesn't follow your natural curves and conceals your waist. You can fix that problem by tightening the waist with a thin belt.

 The Agatha and Elma dresses are both better dresses for your body shape.

The Franca Dress for inverted triangles

Inverted triangles have a fairly straight figure and almost no waist. The centre of gravity is at the shoulders. Restore balance to your figure by softening the shoulder area and shifting the focus to your narrower lower body.

The Franca dress does a great job concealing your lack of waist. The side slits at the bottom of the dress are an eye-catcher and draw the focus downwards. That's a clear bonus for your body shape.

Sewing pattern patrones Schnittmuster naaipatroon patron à coudre franca dress kleid robe vestido jurk

The Franca Dress for wide rectangles

Your figure is naturally well-balanced with shoulders and hips that are about the same widths. The only thing missing is a waist! Wide rectangles have got two options: either conceal the lack of waist or break up the rectangular shape by creating one. The Franca dress conceals your waist, basically making it a shoo-in dress for you.

 The Franca Dress for slim rectangles

The Franca Dress doesn’t do slim rectangles any favours. The cut is far too straight. You could create a waist by tightening the dress at the waist with a belt. Still, there are better dresses out there for slim rectangles, like the Agatha and Elma dresses for instance.

Sewing pattern patrones Schnittmuster naaipatroon patron à coudre franca dress kleid robe vestido jurk

The Franca Dress for apples

Apples want to draw the focus away from the centre of the body. At the same time, they also want to create as many vertical lines as possible. Because they make you look longer, they also make you look more slender too! The Franca Dress is really a dream come true for apples. It drapes loosely over your body without being too wide or frumpy. It creates a lovely vertical line that flatters your rounder figure.

The side slits in the skirt make sure your legs also get the attention they deserve. The polo closure is the perfect eye-catching detail for the top of your silhouette. This really is the dress for your body shape ladies. A concealed midriff and all on the focus on your face and legs – it doesn’t get better than that! 

Feel free to make the dress a little shorter to show off those gorgeous legs.

Bonus tip: go for an understated fabric and pair the dress with eye-catching earrings. It’s an ideal way to guide the gaze towards your upper body and face.

The Franca Dress for pears

Do you have a pear-shaped silhouette? Then your centre of gravity is on your lower body and you have a narrower upper body. Your task is to draw all eyes to your upper body and make your lower body look less pronounced. It's also a good idea to accentuate the waist to make the transition between your upper and lower body look more fluid.

The plain, straight cut of the skirt guarantees that there isn't too much focus on your lower body. And the polo closure is a pretty feature that catches the eye and draws it to the top of your silhouette. Despite all that, the Franca dress really isn’t the best option for pears.

Pears who want to look pretty as a picture should consider, for example, the Agatha, Elma, Colette or Carole dresses.

Sewing pattern patrones Schnittmuster naaipatroon patron à coudre franca dress kleid robe vestido jurk